Untitled (1966) Rob Koman

photo Otto Snoek
About the artwork

The Gemaal Ommoord is located on the corner of Dwerggras and Fioringras. This pumping station places extra pressure on the flow of sewage water from Bergschenhoek to the wastewater treatment plant at Groenedijk. The cottage was built in 1966 and the Rotterdam artist Rob Kooman was commissioned to create two reliefs on either side of the building. The work was made in the percentage scheme, where 1% of the construction budget was spent on a work of art. Between the doors on the north and south side of the pump house is a large concrete facing brick with an abstract representation. It is a typical sixties work consisting of semicircles and oblique diagonal shapes in a straight plane. The two façade works are made of poured and blasted concrete with granite supplement.

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About the artist

Rob (Robert) Kooman (Rotterdam, 1942) was a Rotterdam sculptor, painter and designer. He studied at the Academy of Visual Arts in Rotterdam. He was a member of the Rotterdam Artists' Society and of the VL 65 in Vlaardingen. He was a student of the artist Wally Elenbaas.

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