Bowl on the table (1990) Bas Maters

photo Otto Snoek
About the artwork

The Berkelplein, on which this artwork is displayed, was created by landscape architect Oosterhoff in collaboration with artist Bas Maters. The image is called Bowl on the table and forms a marking in the paving of the square, which is characterized by a circular shape with concrete walls and suspended benches. With this large abstract spatial work, Maters wanted to create a personal environment by placing a meter-high bowl on an equally high table, under which residents can shelter, as if it were an arbor. This image was created in the context of the city embellishment fund and was a collaboration between CBK Rotterdam and the residents' association Kralingen-West.

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About the artist

Bas Maters (Arnhem, 1949 - De Steeg, 2006) studied from 1966 to 1971 at the Academy of Visual Arts and Crafts in Arnhem. He was a member of the Abals and Teldesign Group and is best known as an environmental artist of the Arnhem School. Maters taught at the Architecture, Design and Monumental department of the Arnhem academy.

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