Ode to the Old (1994) Silvia B.

BKOR archive
About the artwork

Silvia B. had known the small square in the middle of Claes de Vrieselaan for a long time. Such a strange piece of no man's land that seemed to constantly ask her to make a picture for it. One day she introduced her idea to the Middelland district and was responded to with enthusiasm. With the help of a number of benevolent municipal authorities, the image of 1994 was placed in the summer. It represents the bald skull of an old gentleman with a frowning look. His head has sunk to the eyes in a brick rim, an abstraction of the collar, as Claes de Vriese did. With the (work) title Ode to the Old Silvia B. refers to the changes in the city and this neighborhood.

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About the artist

Sculptor and spatial artist Silvia B. (Utrecht, 1963) attended the art academy in Rotterdam, focusing on fashion and sculpture. She is nationally known for her photos, drawings and especially images of hybrid creatures that are located between humans and animals, or humans and puppets or robots, often made with fur or hair for a tactile surreal result. They are accessible and unreal at the same time. In Groningen, among other places, she made a large cyborg-like sculpture in public space. Her work has been included in various museum collections. She has been the founder and curator of Museum van Nagsael.

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