Untitled (1972) Leo van Oudheusden

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About the artwork

Artist Leo van Oudheusden has made several works for his home town Rozenburg. This facade relief without a title, but with the description 'activities in the region', is a very striking and quirky creation, about which he was also very pleased at the time. More than in his other works, Van Oudheusden has responded here to trends in late European art. Constructivism in particular can be recognized in it. In the middle of the plastic is a wire construction, as is also used in the Gabo on the Coolsingel. He has given the associated ideas about space and mass a place in this, in combination with his own organic style. It is an abstract version of a floral motif with a rotating heart in the middle. Apart from this heart, which is made of aluminum and provides light reflection, the whole is made of copper. Radiate from the heart in all directions, emphasized by thin wires of iron wire. These continue until the next wall. The whole is a symbol for the task that the fire brigade performs in the community. Van Oudheusden has collaborated with the architect of the building. He consciously added the science fiction-like form, as a reference to the future.
Striking and exciting works of art can be found at several fire stations in Rotterdam. With this work on the Rozenburg fire brigade, Rotterdam has a number of spectacular wall works at its fire stations.

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About the artist

Sculptor, graphic artist, painter and draftsman Leo van Oudheusden (Rozenburg, 1946) attended the Rotterdam art academy from 1964 to 1968, after which he settled in his birthplace Rozenburg with a studio. He has worked a lot in bronze. From 1981 he had a studio in Didam.