Untitled (1980) Koosje Wagenaar

photo BKOR archive
About the artwork

In Blaak metro station, an art application by graphic artist Koosje Wagenaar has been applied to the underground wall of the metro track. 37 proposals were submitted for art at this station, after which two entrants were commissioned for a sketch design. Wagenaar's plan was chosen from this. On the platform wall on the north side, she has created a lively graphic effect with a composition in low-relief light gray and blue MBI (concrete) bricks on a dark gray background of the same material. Because the station is not horizontal, the masonry had to be realized at an inclined angle. As a result, the work, which was originally supposed to be 135 meters long, has a length of 122 meters. In order to maintain visual contact between the different metro platforms, round holes have been left in the heavy concrete wall that is necessary for the span of the lower-lying train track. The work of Koosje Wagenaar can be seen through these holes. The 1980 art application enriches the visual effect of the architecture of the metro and train station.

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About the artist

Koosje Wagenaar (Utrecht, 1943) studied Graphics at the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. Between 1976 and 1980 she realized various playing plastics for primary schools in Lelystad. In addition to graphics and etchings, she was also a painter and draftsman.


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