Untitled (1974) Lucien den Arend

Otto Snoek
About the artwork

This tubular plastic of two twisted circular shapes was previously located at the old library on Burgemeester Baumannlaan. Artist Lucien den Arend was commissioned to build this library and the work was made in the percentage scheme; an arrangement whereby one percent of the total construction costs had to be spent on visual art for that building. The work has been relocated to 2013 and is located on a square near the 'new' library on Baanweg. The image was unveiled again on 17 September 2013. A slightly fluid shape, wavy, fits nicely on the patio-like square. In collaboration with the environment, this is a beautiful decorative image. Den Arend's work is exemplary of environmental art in the seventies and eighties.

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About the artist

Artist Lucien Armand Marco den Arend (Dordrecht, 1943) followed courses at the art academy in Rotterdam, Tilburg and Long Beach, California. He is said to be the first secretary of the Dutch Circle of Sculptors and has been active abroad as well as in the Netherlands. Especially in California, where he receives a prize and an honorable mention, and in Finland where he emigrated in 2003 to set up a sculpture park. He has done many assignments in the Netherlands in the field of detached objects (geometric abstractions), environmental art and land art. The Rijksbureau Kunsthistorische Documentatie calls him: architect, sculptor, glass artist, environmental artist, draftsman, painter, watercolorist, etcher, enamel, designer and ceramist.

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