Untitled (1983) Bert Meinen

BKOR archive
About the artwork

In front of the former fire station of Hoogvliet is a work of art that functions as a marker. The image of artist Bert Meinen has a strong signal function with its red stripes and height. His was chosen from eighteen proposals from various artists. The object was made in the percentage scheme for the construction of the fire station that was built in 1983. The application of art had to satisfy the desire to integrate visual art and environmental art, so that urban design, architecture and green design would coincide. The design by Meinen at Middenbaan Noord is an autonomous visual art object that originally fitted well with the architecture of the building and the fire-red paint. Nowadays the social enterprise 'Afval loont' is located in the building and the appearance has changed to various shades of green - the artwork is therefore less in keeping with the environment.

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About the artist

Bert Meinen (Hengelo, 1945) attended the art academy (AKI) in Enschede and established himself as a sculptor and draftsman. He has made abstract objects for different places in the country, which often consist of stainless steel poles and spheres with one or more contrast colors. He also showed his minimal art in galleries and exhibition spaces.

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