Untitled (1956) Frans Tuinstra

Otto Snoek
About the artwork

On the north side of the Maastorenflat a ceramic relief by artist Frans Tuinstra hangs on the facade. The work was mounted in 1956 on a wall with glass mosaic covering during the construction of the Maastorenflat, which stands at the bottom of the Erasmus bridge. The work is approximately 3 meters high and black / yellow in color. The representation is of a trident figure with references to waves and wheat; a characteristic subject for the reconstruction time. In terms of style it is modern, stylized, graphic, with cubist influences. Another artwork by the same artist hangs on the east facade. With these two reliefs, the Maastorenflat is a beautiful ensemble.

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About the artist

Sculptor Frans Tuinstra (Maastricht, 1923 - Eindhoven, 2006) studied from 1941 to 1946 in his hometown of Maastricht, after which he specialized in Christian religious performances. He graduates simultaneously with artist Piet Killaars. He comes to work at a ceramics company in Tegelen in Limburg, where there is also a department of fine plastics. In 1956 he resigns and establishes himself as an independent ceramist, until his retirement in 1988.

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