Untitled (1965) Jan Schoonhoven

photo Jacques Kleisterlee
About the artwork

Artist Jan Schoonhoven has not made many works in public space and this untitled work is unfortunately not mentioned in his monographs, but this facade relief is very similar to the ceramic wall work he made in 1963 for the Juliana school in Delft. The work is comparable in composition and imagery. The shapes that Jan Schoonhoven modeled for this facade from chamotte clay are reminiscent of the paintings that early man made in caves in prehistoric times. Although the shapes are abstract, with some imagination you can spot an animal with horns in the left figure and archer in the right figure.

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About the artist

Jan Schoonhoven (Delft, 1914 - Delft, 1994) is one of the most important post-war Dutch artists, honored by museums. He was of great significance as the founder of the Nul group, which in the 1960s sought objective art through the erasure of the artist's presence as a person. With his monochrome geometric reliefs, he is represented in national and international museum collections.

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