Untitled (1990) Rik Blom

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About the artwork

American minimalist sculptors started in the 60 with the use of large steel elements from the construction. These harsh industrial forms do not reveal anything about the artist's feelings and that was precisely the intention: art had to be independent of the maker, because it is after all about the image. These metals come into their own when they are painted in bright colors, such as this bright red image by artist Rik Blom. The color had to be just as striking as the size. Just like in construction, the beams are meters long. Their perpendicular lines cleave the space. This work of art was commissioned by Woningbouwvereniging Onze Woongemeenschap, which existed for the 40 year at the time and placed five works of art in that context on Zuid.

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About the artist

Rik Blom (The Hague, 1957) is a Rotterdam artist. He studied from 1982 to 1896 at the then Academy of Visual Arts in Rotterdam. His work consists of steel structures, made up of only a few elements. He processes industrial materials such as H or F beams in combination with sheet steel.