Untitled (1961) Gust Romijn

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About the artwork

On the facade above the entrance of the (former) police station on the Slinge 162 is a work of art made by artist Gust Romijn. It is a psychedelic sixties design. Decorative, with beautiful deep colors in a popping and striking pattern. This makes it very characteristic of the work of Romijn, who at that time - 1961 - made art in public space, which was much bolder and more pronounced than that of predecessors and contemporaries. The somewhat strange architecture of this police building benefits from this work. The fact that an alarm lamp was installed above the door at a later date does not even matter and seems well incorporated in the work.

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About the artist

Gust Romijn (Noordwijkerhout, 1922 - Dreischor, 2010) worked as a sculptor, graphic artist and painter. Together with Louis van Roode and Piet Rovers, he belonged to the Window group, consisting of young Rotterdam graphic artists. He also joined the New Images League during that period. He participated in the World Exhibition in Brussels (1958). Romijn was awarded the National 5 May Graph Prize (1955) and the Prix Suisse (1957). The artist lived and worked most of his career in Rotterdam, until he moved to Dreischor on Schouwen-Duiveland in 1982.

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