Untitled (1947) Han Rehm

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About the artwork

After the bombing, reconstruction of the city began during the war. The construction of the emergency theater started at the end of 1941, where the first performances started in January 1947 after completion. The emergency theater was originally used for twenty years, but was only demolished in 1987 forty years later and replaced by 'the coffin' of Quist. These three reliefs made by artist Han Rehm adorned beautifully in medallions in the center of the front of the emergency theater. The masks depict laughter, watching and crying for feelings that are evoked in the theater. They have been preserved and placed in 1988 on a side wall of the new Schouwburg on the Schouwburgplein. The original location of the masks was much nicer than the current one, but they are reminiscent of the old building and are part of the early reconstruction, which was an important time for Rotterdam.

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About the artist

Artist Han Rehm (Rotterdam, 1908 - Rotterdam, 1970) studied art at Reading University in England and then studied drawing at the Rotterdam art academy for a short period. He then studied sculpture at the National Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. In 1930 he also went on to do a follow-up sculpture in Vienna. In 1935 he settled in his own studio in Kralingen. Besides sculptor, he was active as a medalist. Among other things, he made a medal for Leiden University (1958). Han Rehm is best known for his work in Rotterdam The load carrier on the Kop van Zuid and the image of the Olympic athlete Fanny Blankers-Koen in Blijdorp.

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