Untitled (1982) Bob Bonies

photo Otto Snoek
About the artwork

The entrance to the Voorschoterlaan metro station is integrated into the residential development and can only be recognized by the 'M sign' on the street. Three artists have made an artistic contribution to, in and near this metro station, but the art application of visual artist Bob Bonies from 1982 can still be seen intact and on and around the entire metro station. For this assignment, Bonies consulted with the architectural firm that designed the social housing around the station. He applied color everywhere by means of a colored mosaic of wall tiles. From the outer facade of the entrance, through the further tiled hall to the also tiled round columns on the platforms one floor below. For the whole, light gray designed a sleek color scheme with tiles in light gray, red, blue, yellow, green. The brick facades of the houses, decorated with white pilasters, are only partly tiled with red and blue wall tiles. The light gray tiling of the recessed walls behind it is interspersed with red, yellow, blue and green tile squares.

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About the artist

Bob Bonies (The Hague, 1937) was educated at the Free Academy and the Royal Academy of Visual Arts in The Hague and Stockholm. He carried out assignments for, among others, the ministries of WVC and VROM, NS, PTT and various municipalities such as Amsterdam, The Hague and Rotterdam. He was an advisor to the State and various municipalities, as well as to the Arts Council. He was also director of the Free Academy in The Hague. Bonies was a member of the Liga Nieuwe Beelden.

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