Untitled (1994) Han Goan Lim

photo Max Dereta
About the artwork

In 1994 visual artist Han Goan Lim designed a light artwork for the former Alexanderpolder swimming pool. The work was to give the box-shaped and industrial building on Bramanteplein a colorful mark. He created an expressive light accent with a signal function on the fairly boring building. At the time, the design was also used as a logo in the pool's corporate identity. The blue wavy line stood for the swimming water, the yellow circle for the recreational game element in the pool and the red angular light line for breaking through the architecture. The swimming pool was outdated and a new swimming pool was built in its place, but the new building no longer had room for the light artwork. In 2016, CBK Rotterdam was approached with the question whether there would be another suitable location for this work. A new location was found in the pump house at Fioringras 2 and, through the mediation of resident Peter Buisman and BKOR, could be retained for Prince Alexander. In 2018 it was placed again. The staff of the pump house - part of the City Management Department Water - was immediately enthusiastic. The requirement was that the work would be sustainably executed. The company Neon Time replaced the neon with LED. Because of the new location, the artist has given a different meaning to the work. The blue wavy line still stands for water, but then for the groundwater level, which is certainly far below NAP in this district. The red line represents the built environment, but the blue wave crosses the red line; a reference to the buildings that could flood if the pump house would not work and the rain and sewage water would not be discharged. The yellow circle now refers to the network of sewer pipes. Driving along the President Rooseveltweg, the work is clearly visible and thus still a clearly orienting beacon. In addition to the light artwork, the pump house also has two concrete reliefs (1966) by the Rotterdam artist Robert Kooman. The pump house is included in an art route organized by De Witte Bollen, a residents' foundation in Ommoord.

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About the artist

Han Goan Lim (Rotterdam, 1950) studied at the Willem de Kooning Academy. He started as a sculptor and made various light works of art. He always works in relation to the environment and also works as a consultant in the field of art assignments in public spaces for various municipalities. As an avid networker, he lobbies in Rotterdam to put the importance of artist initiatives and art in the public space on the political agenda. Several works by Goan Lim can be found in the public space of Rotterdam. His work is also included in the collection of Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen.

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