Untitled ("Giraffes") (1964) Kees Timmer

Vincent Petit
About the artwork

In 1964 Kees Timmer designed this tube plastic for an electrical engineering school in Amsterdam. The three vertical shapes in the sculpture may symbolize the three disciplines within the school. But due to the abstract-constructivist execution of the work, it can be linked to numerous other meanings. This tube plastic has been given the nickname 'Giraffes'. The old school building was demolished and former director Jan Fokker approached CBK Rotterdam to give the sculpture an 2e chance. At the same time, Ons Park was thoroughly tackled and it was decided to install the 'Giraffes' in a beautiful green environment in 2015. On the North Island it is an artistic counterpart to the equally modern-constructivist Hef. The coating and placement have been chosen in such a way that the image is shown to its best advantage and the image is a crowning glory of Ons Park reconstructed in 2015.

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About the artist

Kees Timmer (Zaandam, 1903 - Rotterdam, 1978) was known for his monumental work. He often depicted animals in paintings. He also made circus scenes, street and market scenes. Timmer received an overview exhibition in Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen in 1993.