Untitled (graphic wall) (1963) Bouke Ylstra

Ossip from Duivenbode
About the artwork

In 1963, artist Bouke Ylstra made this graphic wall on the outside and inside of the former municipal printing office in Bredestraat, just behind Mariniersweg. You have to look carefully, but once you've seen it, it's worth a bike ride. The work is comparable to his graphic wall in the Stadhuisplein metro station from 1966. This work is slightly smaller, but certainly just as intriguing. Both works were made with the same technique: the drawing was cut out or ground into the white concrete slabs, then inlaid with black composite and then ground flat. The wall protrudes through the front door, and only a quarter of the entire work is outside. When you enter the building you walk along the remaining part with the abstract drawings of Ylstra. The work was made as part of the percentage scheme when the Rotterdam municipal printing company was located here.

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About the artist

Bouke Ylstra (The Hague, 1933 - Dordrecht, 2009) grew up in Rotterdam. From 1950 to 1954 he attended the Academy of Visual Arts in Rotterdam, where he later started teaching himself. He worked as a graphic artist, draftsman and painter, commissioned for buildings and for the built environment. A constant in his work was the portrayal of a somewhat vulnerable yet cheerful person, who stands firm in a world of geometry and that often does great, but still exudes clumsiness. The line dominates in his drawings.

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