Sun figure (1958) Unfamiliar

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About the artwork

On 29 October 1958, the new office building with a showroom and warehouses of Braat Bouwstoffen NV was officially opened. The new building was designed by architects Hans Oud and Hendrik van Dam from The Hague and it was built by contractor Hilgeman in Linschoten. In the new building there are three large rectangular areas next to the entrance. The left and middle faces are a window, but the right face is a tile mosaic in the colors blue, red, white and black. There is a horizontal cross with red circle shapes. The right circle is the sun. The left circle forms the head of a standing figure. The façade mosaic is therefore called 'Sun Figure'. It is not known who made the work, but it was an assignment for the construction of the building.

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About the artist

We do not know who the artist of this artwork is. If you know, send an email to