Artist's portrait Madelon Hooykaas by Marjolein Geraedts Unveiling speech of the Razzia monument by Anne Wenzel Solidified time in Hoogvliet by Sandra Smets 'Tor und Stele' makes Rotterdam's dream visible by Sandra Smets Unbothered, still by Simone Zeefuik Operational stillness by Simone Zeefuik Huge window by Ernest van der Kwast A monument to a forgotten war history by Sandra Smets About the work of Ron van der Ende by Sandra Smets Wall painting by Louis van Roode: from Dijkzigt to the Doelen by Sandra Smets A sculpture with a hole in it and wires in front of it by Sandra Smets A conceptual punk fountain by Sandra Smets A Razzia Monument for Rotterdam by Flos Wildschut City cocoon of Florentine Hofman by Charlotte Martens Unveiling speech L'Âge d'Or by Mayor Aboutaleb A game of combative aspirations by Wilma Sütö Spacebulbs (1965) by Leendert Janzee by Sandra Smets The sculpture terrace on the Westersingel by Siebe Thissen Let's go by Jeroen Boomgaard In Memoriam Madeleine Berkhemer (1973-2019) by Sandra Smets The saint of the plastic bag by Ernest van der Kwast 'Black makes invisible' by Siebe Thissen In Memoriam Lon Pennock (1945-2020) by Sandra Smets Forest fox by Sandra Smets In Memoriam Alex da Silva (1974-2019) by Siebe Thissen Clouds from Gust Romijn by Sandra Smets Karel Appel and Rotterdam by Siebe Thissen Wim van der Weerd (1913-1996): architect, graphic artist and painter by Siebe Thissen 'Pigeon lady' back from Rotterdam by Arie Bijl Co Westerik about the 'Rope-jumping girl' by Siebe Thissen Homage to the brick by Siebe Thissen Make to order. 1900-1960 advertising studios in Rotterdam by Siebe Thissen Stumbling stones for Job Cohen's grandparents by Naomi van Kalken In memory of Toni Burgering (1937-2017) by Siebe Thissen John Blake (1945-2017): an American in Wrottedèm by Guus Vreeburg Motorship Noordereiland: report of an impossible journey by Siebe Thissen Ger van Iersel. Monumental artist by Siebe Thissen Facts as an art form: Van Heeswijk and Paul Cox in Nieuw-Crooswijk by Siebe Thissen The 'Piece of Lee' or: Wild Style (The Bronx-De Lijnbaan) by Siebe Thissen The Kralingen failure by Siebe Thissen Sculptures in public space by Dikkie Scipio Rotterdam art city by Paul van de Laar Life is not a revue by Paul van de Laar Tribute to André van der Louw - Herman Lamers by Sandra Smets TG Masaryk and Rotterdam by Frans Weisglas and Milan Štěch Czechoslovakia in Rotterdam by Hans Citroen First believe, then see! - Observatory by Siebe Thissen Color in times of reconstruction - Louis van Roode by Sara Wiersma Drawing, noting, practicing - Bouke Ylstra by Siebe Thissen Tubular plastic with giraffe legs - Kees Timmer by Sandra Smets The miracle of Rotterdam by Siebe Thissen Professor Masaryk in Rotterdam by Gert Andeweg Future - Ad Schouten by Siebe Thissen Artist Hans Ittmann by Sandra Smets A pedestal for everyone by Sandra Smets Cascade - Atelier Van Lieshout by Sandra Smets Pendrecht: the lost workers' paradise - Window stories by Sandra Smets Doing Dune - Daan Roosegaarde by Siebe Thissen Space Time - Joost Baljeu Siebe Thissen