Ignore the powerhouse 08.09.2023 We image this city #49 03.07.2023 Women on pedestals never go unspoken 09.06.2023 There she is: the young black woman on Nikes 01.06.2023 Much-discussed image of black woman revealed 27.05.2023 Saved from the sledgehammer 15.05.2023 We image this city #48 04.05.2023 You can feel neglect in the city 02.05.2023 Anne Wenzel creates Razzia monument 15.03.2023 This is what Rotterdammers think of the new statue 09.03.2023 Woman at Rotterdam Central Station 08.03.2023 We image this city #47 01.03.2023 Black woman on Nikes, not a white man on horse 03.02.2023 'The ice clog' is back in Hoogvliet 06.01.2023 Pale noses from war commemorated with artwork in the city center 14.12.2022 Statues away on the slavery monument 14.12.2022 Artist Leen Droppert passed away 23.11.2022 New Waterway 150 years 31.10.2022 We image this city #45 31.10.2022 Mayor visits restored Jasbank 15.09.2022 Monument resistance has been stolen from facade in North 27.01.2022 Hands off Chilean art! 09.01.2022 Chilean art at Zuidplein station is under threat 18.12.2021 Razzia monument design is ready 11.11.2021 Artwork of the week: L'Âge d'Or 25.06.2021 We image this city #40 18.06.2021 After Rotterdam, Istanbul now also has a monument for the guest worker 18.06.2021 Feet and a plait: new images of Zegers and Lemos in Rotterdam 15.06.2021 For ten years the phrase: 'It's Never Too Late to Say Sorry!' 31.05.2021 Never too late - interview with Wim Konings 26.05.2021 We image this city #39 17.05.2021 Visual arts - The Plait 24.04.2021 'I'd rather not move me for the time being' 07.04.2021 Artwork of the week: The Plait 02.04.2021 We image this city #38 18.03.2021 Woman braid on pictures patio 09.03.2021 Street art did flourish 26.01.2021 The Return of Monsieur Jacques 25.01.2021 Step-by-step 30.12.2020 We image this city #36 14.12.2020 The Masterpiece # 5 19.11.2020 Two Turning Vertical Rectangles can be admired again 25.09.2020 We image this city #35 25.09.2020 Feet of a young dancer 10.09.2020 Feet on the spot where Rotterdam originated 10.09.2020 'Lope te lope' where the city began 08.09.2020 Rickey in his place 08.09.2020 Plastic bag 10.07.2020 Commemoration of the abolition of slavery 01.07.2020 We image this city #34 01.07.2020 Bep's statue is still standing 15.06.2020 The giant fox is "just right". 16.05.2020 Wow, what a big fox! 13.05.2020 Where is the Dutch Banksy? 13.05.2020 The Exterior Gallery: 'Adam' makes you think, especially now 09.05.2020 I don't believe in forced commemoration 02.05.2020 The Buitengalerij: 'I sculpted tears' 02.05.2020 The Exterior Gallery: The most beautiful Wilhelmina is made of freestone 25.04.2020 I don't have to go on holiday because: Beeldenroute Westersingel 20.04.2020 We image this city #33 16.03.2020 100 key works 13.03.2020 Three Columns restored 12.03.2020 Multatuli life size on the corner 29.02.2020 The busts of the Afrikaners can be seen 08.02.2020 Borders didn't mean much 08.02.2020 Sculpture route is walking between cars and art 31.01.2020 The fox as a favorite of the neighborhood 13.01.2020 Tsar Peter is in place here 11.01.2020 Florentijn Hofman - the Floor 09.01.2020 Public art and flight work 04.01.2020 Group Amsterdam conquers Emmaplein 30.12.2019 We image this city #32 20.12.2019 Silently reflect on 50 years of migration 25.11.2019 Image of Van Hogendorp has to leave the stairs for the WTC 31.10.2019 We image this city #31 29.10.2019 The Kindertransport 31.10.2019 Kitchen counter 12.10.2019 We image this city #30 19.09.2019 Ommoorders give a deposit for art on the street 29.07.2019 We must look at ourselves critically 08.07.2019 Rope Jumping Girl comes to life again 02.07.2019 Cleaning of the Maas 18.05.2019 Flowers for 'forgotten hero' 14.05.2019 Fikkie is Rotterdam's most famous dog 14.05.2019 We image this city #29 01.04.2019 We image this city #28 27.02.2019 'Rickey' conjured with light 09.02.2019 The mermaid has been saved for the time being 07.02.2019 We image this city #2 20.12.2018 The most beautiful images of readers 24.11.2018 Images in the city: After 25 years, an image for the Rotterdam 17.11.2018 Pigeon lady back on the Meent 14.11.2018 'Feet' mark Rotterdam's cradle 14.11.2018 Images in the city: Also loved by the Provotariaat 12.11.2018 Sculptures in the city: The largest in Feyenoord is inside 05.11.2018 Statues in the city: A horseman where twenty men fell 29.10.2018 Philosopher of Rotterdam and of the lighting honored at the university 29.10.2018 Looking for a wall for reconstruction of 'Rope Jumping Girl' 13.10.2018 Images in the city: Santa Claus who was not allowed on the street 13.10.2018 Images in the city: Monument against ignorance 06.10.2018 Images in the city: You see the sun, sky, sea and shells 29.09.2018 Stone statue Piet Hein threatens to perish 28.09.2018 Images in the city: An entrepreneurial scammer 22.09.2018 Sculpture Park will soon have twelve works of art 19.09.2018 Images in the city: Images that the municipality wants to get rid of 15.09.2018 Images in the city: Every anniversary, rugbyers honor the bears 08.09.2018 Polderplein as an alarm for a different climate 07.09.2018 Images in the city: The reception in 1962 was hostile 18.06.2018 Along (un) known lights in the city 15.06.2018 Sculptures in the city: The man who put Rotterdam on the map 09.06.2018 I live here on the largest ship in the world 07.06.2018 Sculptures in the city: Norse lord honors the past 05.06.2018 Jacques (2) 30.05.2018 Statues going to 'South' 25.05.2018 Images in the city: The bomber of Rotterdam 29.05.2018 Images in the city: The wall 22.05.2018 # Me too !? 18.05.2018 Running between the arts 05.04.2018 We picture this city #Willem de Kooning 08.03.2018 Rickey 13.12.2017 Jacques 06.12.2017 Aboutaleb and Cohen with 'stumbling stones' 15.11.2017 Cohen honors grandparents with Stolpersteine 11.11.2017 Another Hugo away 26.10.2017 Rotterdam's most famous BMW gets a paint job 13.10.2017 Hat box - column 02.09.2017 Huge jazz dancers go wild on the wall 21.07.2017 We image this city #22 03.07.2017 Steed with rider as a symbol 13.05.2017 Monument Toonder back 03.05.2017 Photo 'sex bomb' surrounded with mystery 21.04.2017 Statue on the Boompjes 17.02.2017 They look into the Giant of Rotterdam 24.01.2017 Hope and horror in Rotterdam art 03.12.2016 The Thing refurbishment 15.10.2016 We image this city #17 03.10.2016 LUCI: Light and Art in Public Spaces - book review 01.10.2016 Scuptures - book review 26.09.2016 We image this city #15 01.07.2016 Rotterdam as a city of statues 15.06.2016 Flare-sweeper disrupts Pim Fortuyn commemoration 07.05.2016 We image this city #14 01.05.2016 Moss column 09.04.2016 Art and Poetry Route 06.04.2016 A monument for Louis Davids 06.04.2016 New war memorial on trees reminds of surrender 05.04.2016 Dieleman sings on a fly-over 31.03.2016 Window preview - column 26.03.2016 Louis Davids back in place 25.03.2016 Anchoring for almost swiped Ketelbinkie 23.03.2016 Column about The load carrier 18.03.2016 We image this city #13 01.03.2016 New life under the flyover 16.02.2016 War and Peace - column 26.01.2016 Consider the legend 05.01.2016 We image this city #12 01.12.2015 Tribute to André van der Louw 23.11.2015 Memory of a railroad 18.11.2015 Monument for Masaryk in Rotterdam 05.11.2015 Louis van Roode - column 31.10.2015 We image this city #11 01.10.2015 Ode van Kraat to the RDM employee 28.05.2015 Orphan image in park Noordereiland 20.05.2015 Suddenly the head of Baden Powell is gone 01.05.2015 It's Never Too Late to Say Sorry 03.03.2015 Struck by the gaze of The load carrier 12.11.2014 Load carrier returns 30.10.2014 Subtle dots make a hotel a work of art 20.09.2014 Dot by Dot 21.08.2014 The art of art 05.04.2014 Tsar Peter is pink in the image 03.09.2013 Façade cat saved last at Shell 12.03.2013 Artificial boats on the water in Schiemond 01.07.2010 The sacred fire of Joeki Simak 13.03.2006 Fight for a sandstone lion 09.01.2004 Panorama, a look at art in the open air 10.01.1990 Cheers, Manny 03.10.1980