The Pigeon woman is back!

Max Dereta

After being away from the streets for some time, from Tuesday 20 November it will be Pigeon female back again! In the middle of the center, on the corner of the Meent and the Oppert, at the level of the 2e floor, the female with her six pigeons is hanging on the facade again. It Pigeon female was made in 1962 by sculptor Adri Blok. It was a gift from former students on the occasion of the 50 anniversary of the Queen Wilhelmina Breeding School in 1957. But the school on the Binnenrotte was demolished in 2002 and the relief disappeared (see article). The female was recently found in a depot, but the pigeons had disappeared. We had the pigeons made again at a bronze watering can and now the female is hanging with her pigeons near the old location. The artwork is inspired by a real Rotterdam pigeon lady, namely Trijntje van Ham. She was also called "Hannetje" and was a striking woman who trudged through the streets around the school building with her corn cart for decades. She was not only compassionate about pigeons, but also of stray dogs, cats, and later also swans and ducks. A real animal protector. That is why she still deserves a place in the city center!


Pigeon female