On Construction Day, Saturday, May 18, BKOR will present the seventh edition of the road map Art Route Rotterdam. This time the theme of the route is art and architecture from the reconstruction period of Rotterdam. The map was created in collaboration with Platform Wederopbouw Rotterdam. Rotterdam Art Route, from Central Station to Overschie is a walking or cycling route along 20 works of art and 11 architectural structures. The starting point is the north side of Central Station and via the Stationssingel, Diergaarde Blijdorp and Kleinpolderplein the route leads you to Overschie. The 'end point' is the work of art Mikado (1975) by André Volten at Rotterdam The Hague Airport.

Shortly after the Second World War, Overschie grew into an important district. The city was struggling with a housing shortage and the new economy also needed space. That is why many homes, schools and shops were built rapidly from the 1950s onwards. The experimental system construction made Overschie an architectural testing ground. It became an urban neighborhood with peace, space and harmony. To such an extent that when the houses deteriorated at the end of the last century, architects protested against demolition and called for renovation. Because although the old village was swallowed up by progress, Overschie was a time machine that takes us back to the progress ideals of the 1950s.

Construction days
Rotterdam will celebrate the reconstruction of the city from 16 to 19 May 2024. During these so-called Construction Days, many tours, lectures and exhibitions are organized at various places in the city. Organized on the occasion of the new road map Platform Reconstruction Rotterdam a bicycle tour on Saturday, May 18 from 14.00:16.00 PM to XNUMX:XNUMX PM. During this cycle tour, guide and reconstruction expert Paul Groenendijk shows fascinating art and architecture from the Rotterdam Art Route, from Central Station to Overschie.

Date Saturday 18 in May
Time 14.00 - 16.00 hours
Start location Stationssingel, north side of Central Station
Final location Burgemeester Baumannlaan, Overschie
Pricing 7,50 €
Attendees Maximum 17
Note Bring your own bicycle, or rent an OV bicycle at the station
You can register here

Art routes
In recent years, BKOR has created various art routes, which lead past many works of art throughout the city. All routes are offered as PDFs in Dutch and English via this website, but a foldable map is also still available free of charge at Rotterdam Tourist Information on Stationsplein. The routes have also been made accessible to your mobile phone without having to download an app. Go to www.bkor.nl/routes, select the route you want to walk or cycle, and see where you are on the map. Curious about the other six editions of Art route Rotterdam? Look here for an overview. Have fun walking or cycling!