New route map through nocturnal Rotterdam

In Rotterdam a number of artworks and buildings are highlighted in a special way and poetry pops up in the dark. The municipality of Rotterdam and CBK Rotterdam have made a route map together, which takes you past these nightly highlights in the city. This map, Light route Rotterdam, is now available for free at the Rotterdam Tourist Information on Coolsingel and at Central Station and via CBK Rotterdam. The English version of the map will be published on 21 May.

Light route Rotterdam leads you through striking works of art that create rays or shadows, illuminated architectural city icons and poetry that pops up in the dark. The map provides information about the various Rotterdam lighting projects that you encounter along the way, from the Lijnbaan to the World Museum.

Consider, for example, the shadow of the Giant of Rotterdam or the curled Crack post, cycle over the Erasmus Bridge with its colored gardens and view the majestic illuminated Hefbrug. See the glowing and extinguishing work of art Light Gig in the facade of LantarenVenster and experience Broken Light, the most special street lighting in Rotterdam. Or read the lines of poetry on the street, many of which light up in neon and LED. Some words fold around corners and others are high on eaves. Discover The environment of man is fellow man from Jules Deelder on the Nieuwe Binnenweg, I have to change to stay the same from Willem de Kooning at the Blaak and Cities do not hide when it rains by Joseph Brodsky on the Kleinpolderplein. This way you come across a lot of food for thought during an evening walk.

De Light route Rotterdam is part of a series of route maps. That is how it appeared Feijenoord Monumental (2013) with the theme port, labor and migration and Singel route - Rotterdam Noord (2015) about works of art on the romantic canals in Blijdorp, Oude Noorden and Crooswijk. In the context of Keti Koti 2015 there was the special edition Ro Heilbron - Tribute to an art worker, a temporary route on the Kruiskade.