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Rotterdam is meters below sea level. Will we keep it dry?

For residents of the Oosterflank district, theater and architecture enthusiasts, from Rotterdam and beyond, a program will be presented from 23 September to 24 October about the city's water challenge. Theater maker Fokka Deelen and designer Bas Kortmann of the Powerboat foundation settle down in the Semiramistuin in Prins Alexander. In and around the NOA water pavilion, or Nomadic Overnight Aquatecture, designed by them, activities and workshops are organized up to and including the autumn holidays. There is a six meter high waterfall to be admired to indicate the sea level. The king's number is the performance 'Prince Alexander's fairy tale geswritten by journalist and writer Dore van Duivenbode. Attending the performance can be booked in combination with a cultural city walk in the area. For more information, go to De Semirami garden is a 10-minute walk from Prins Alexander station. This garden used to be a country house.

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The peat polder from which the Alexanderpolder rises is 6 meters below NAP. It is a symbol of the pride in keeping the water supply in the polder in check, so that residents keep their feet dry. With projects like the NOA water pavilion (Powerboat, 2020) and the blue Prins Alexanderplein (75B, 2018), artists, residents and policymakers stimulate the discussion about the global water challenge, starting with awareness of our own environment.

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Prins Alexanderplein