Writers' Program with film scoop 'Brightness Edition'

photo Murals Inc.

Date: Sunday, October 24 from 15 to 18 p.m.
Walk-in from 14.30
Location: Piekstraat 31

On Sunday afternoon, October 24, Murals Inc. on the occasion of the exhibition Master Writer and the project Edition Brightness the afternoon Writers' Programme. The program includes a lecture by Aileen Middel / Mick La Rock, the first film 'Edition Clarity' and Surinamese finger food from 'Queen of Sheba'. In the run-up to the HELDERHEID festival, which was held on Sunday 29 August, André Smits / Artistintheworld worked for Murals Inc. to 'Brightness Edition'. This edition is a tribute to the rapper Breyten Muskiet, who died in 2004, but certainly also to all the local graffiti artists who have been filling the walls on the square for years with their writers' names in the form of tags and more elaborate pieces.



Monument for BRIGHTNESS