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Feijenoord Monumental
This walk focuses on works of art with the themes of labour, port and migration. The route runs through the Noordereiland, Feijenoord, Katendrecht and Afrikaanderwijk districts.

After 'the jump over the river' at the end of the 19th century, led by entrepreneur Lodewijk Pincoffs, the four new neighborhoods mentioned above were successively created in South Rotterdam. They offered shelter to the many who came from far and near to Rotterdam to build a life for themselves and to contribute to 'the growth of the great working city' Rotterdam. The neighborhoods have a very different character. This roadmap shows a selection of architecture and art in public space.

Artworks on the route
Jewish children's monument (2013) Wim Quist Lodewijk Pincoffs (1998) Willem Verbon Stone monument (1884) Eugen Gugel Eugene Lacomble MS Noordereiland machine room (2003) Joe Cillen Out together, home together (1995) Ellen Vomberg Plaque for Achilles de Khotinsky (2007) Harry Sengers Heavy weather (1999) Nicolas Dings The hand change (2015) Nico Parlevliet The load carrier (1950) Han Rehm Lost Luggage Depot (2001) Jeff Wall Tulip of Harmony Honey (2020) Evelyn Taocheng Wang Free sailing! Monument for the trade union leader Edo Fimmen (1998) Ben Zegers The rowers (2000) Yair Aschkenasy Boiler Twinkle (1973) Huib Noorlander Transshipment in the port (2017) Dolf Henkes Untitled (1993) Daan van Golden The Journey (2002) Jorge Kata Núñez Monument for the guest worker (2013) Hans van Bentem Dike workers (1970) Ek van Zanten
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