Art route Hoogvliet

About the route

With its abundance of art in public space, Hoogvliet has often been compared to the Spanish city of Bilbao, which is known for its art and sculptures in public space. There are more than thirty works of art in Hoogvliet, reminiscent of periods that were important for the development of this part of the city at a time when the percentage scheme existed, whereby approximately one percent of the building sum was earmarked for art. They refer to the reconstruction of the XNUMXs, the urban beautification of the XNUMXs, the functional thinking of the XNUMXs and beyond. They are monuments for ordinary people, figurative images or they are purely abstract. And there too, a variety of organic sculptures can be found that refer to nature or that connect geometrically with the built environment. It is striking that there are quite a few creations by famous artists, sculptures of which only one can be found in the world: in Hoogvliet.


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