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Single route, Rotterdam North
This map leads along the canals of three neighborhoods in Rotterdam Noord: Blijdorp, the Oude Noorden and Crooswijk. There are works of art from various periods to discover. It is an invitation to slow down and go back in time.

What binds this walking route of approximately five kilometers is that the past and greenery go hand in hand with the current urban dynamics. The walk focuses on statues and sculptures around the canals. This is a selection from the large number of works of art that can be found in these districts. This map is also an invitation to interrupt the Singel route and wander through the neighborhoods behind it. Lots of fun!

Artworks on the route
Fanny Blankers-Koen (1956) Han Rehm Mask Head & Boy on Donkey (1931) Henk Chabot Charlie Chaplin & Henry Ford (1931) Leendert Bolle Masks (1931) Herman Bieling Fishmonger & Staring Woman (1931) Adriaan van der Plas Kryptonian Ice Lake (2013) Onno Poiesz Guido Marsille In the city / The young man on the island (2013) Henk Visch Speculaasjes (1957) JH Baas The three fish (1957) Gérard Héman The sunbathing star (1996) Tom Waakop Reijers A swan in the distance (2011) Klaas Gubbels Untitled (1971) Margot Zanstra Untitled (1970) Karel Appel Technology and city (1961) Kees Franse Untitled (1968) André Volten Untitled (1977) Loeki Metz Untitled (2004) Jeroen Doorenweerd Later is now then (2005) Marcelle van Bemmel The penguins (2002) Herman Lamers Monument for the fallen English pilots (1946) Willem Verbon Parabola Blues (2021) Madeleine Berkhemer Table bench (2006) Jeroen Hoogstraten MS Rottebocht 2 (2007) Cor Kraat Beer Drinker (1980) Huib Noorlander Untitled (1932) William Coenraad Brewer Water level (2002) Buro MA.AN Not Quite Replica - Meteorite (2006) Susanne Kriemann Undercurrent (2002) Buro MA.AN Bep van Klaveren (1992) Willem Verbon
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