Collapsing Gangways (2023) Bart Oppenheimer

photo Marieke van der Lippe
About the artwork

The unveiling of the painting took place on Friday, May 12, 2023 Collapsing Gangways made by the Rotterdam artist Bart Oppenheimer. The painting measures 2 by 2 meters and is mounted on a concrete Stelcon slab located in front of the entrance of an apartment complex on Samuel Soesmanstraat. Collapsing Gangways is currently the only known trompe-l'œil in Rotterdam. The floor painting was created on the initiative of residents from Samuel Soesmanstraat and Abraham Tuschinskistraat. The work was realized with the support of Cultuur Concrete.

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About the artist

Bart Oppenheimer (Leiden, 1969) graduated from the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam. He works as a graphic designer and has executed several poetic works in public space, including facade poems and light works (in LED and neon). Oppenheimer is, among other things, the designer of the bridge poem at the bottom of the Mathenesser Bridge in Rotterdam.

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Samuel Soesmanstraat 52, 3015 GG Rotterdam, Netherlands