The List (2002) Cor Kraat

Otto Snoek
About the artwork

Construction and demolition is always taking place in Rotterdam and that sometimes has consequences for art in public spaces. This mural has already changed location twice. The List van Cor Kraat was first unveiled in 1980. It hung in a classic ornament frame on the residential block opposite café De Pui and the restaurant De Lijst located above, on the corner of the Oostzeedijk Beneden and Oosteinde. In 1988, after the block was demolished, the work came to hang on the opposite side, that is, on the facade of café De Pui itself, which was specially provided with a (fake) ornament frame for that purpose. In 2000 the work had to disappear again, because it was in a very bad state. In 2002 a reproduction has been made on the corner of the Oostzeedijk Beneden and the Vlinderstraat. Residents have lobbyed for this and were able to do so with the help of CBK Rotterdam The List be unveiled in January on the facade of the (then) Galerie Blik. Unfortunately, after all these years, the artwork and the frame at the end of 2018 proved irreparably damaged by moisture. BKOR commissioned Atelier Leo Mineur to recreate the painting and Vorm & Decor to reconstruct the frame in a sustainable way. 2019 is at the end of April The List delivered again. Thanks to Woonstad Rotterdam for making the facade available.

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About the artist

Cor Kraat (Rotterdam, 1946) studied from 1965 to 1971 at the Rotterdam Academy of Visual Arts. From 1979 to 1992, Kraat worked in the artists' collective Kunst & Vaarwerk with Hans Citroen and Willem van Drunen. Kunst & Vaarwerk focused on monumental art in the city. Between 1979 - 1983, Cor Kraat was a screenprint teacher at the Rotterdam Academy. Kraat was a co-founder of the Black Cat gallery.

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Oostzeedijk Downstairs 193-195, 3033 BH Rotterdam, Netherlands


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