El Trotamundos (2007) Jorge Kata Núñez

Aad Hoogendoorn
About the artwork

This colorful wall painting was made by the Chilean artist Jorge Kata Núñez and was unveiled on 8 September 2007 during the 'September in Rotterdam' festival. The artwork is called El Trotamundos (the world traveler) and shows a galloping horse, which not only symbolizes freedom, but also global citizenship. The horse carries the world map on its body and a peace dove on its face. He rushes past, his tail flaps behind him in festive colors. This animal will come, despite the strict gaze of a sun in the upper left corner. It is more cheerful at the horse's feet: large, round, clownish heads that look a bit like full mane, smile amiable. They are drawn in such a way that it looks like they are projected from the grid into the wall. The painting was commissioned by a number of residents of the street. Núñez was a pioneer of the mural in our city. In other words: street art in Rotterdam started with him. Núñez offered during a visit to Rotterdam in 2018 El Trotamundos to restore. After eleven years the mural made a somewhat dull impression. In collaboration with CBK Rotterdam, the painting was renewed and the Zwarte Paardenstraat received the work with its unique colors.

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About the artist

Jorge Kata Núñez (Valdivia, Chile, 1953) was a metallurgical worker. He started his artistic work in the Ramona Parra mural brigade in Valdivia. In 1974, he was arrested by the Augusto Pinochet dictatorship forces and sentenced to 20 years in prison. In 1977 he is sent to the Netherlands and sentenced to 15 years of exile. In 1979, he was a founder and participated in various mural brigades. He also went to the Free Academy of The Hague that year. In Rotterdam he participated in various graphic workshops and started to make his own work. He lived and worked in Rotterdam until October 2012, after which he returned to his birthplace in Chile. Kata has made more than 60 murals throughout the Netherlands, both in public spaces and in buildings in the Netherlands and Chile. In the beginning he mainly painted murals that appealed to the sense of solidarity of people. His paintings, linocuts, books and engravings have been exhibited in various countries.

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Zwarte Paardenstraat 93A, 3012 UK Rotterdam, Netherlands


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