Helixotherapy (2017) Wildlife Drawing

photo Otto Snoek
About the artwork

Since 2017, there has been a painting made by Wild Drawing (WD) on the corner of Coolsestraat and West-Kruiskade. The title of the work is Helixotherapy; heliox is a gas mixture of helium and oxygen and is used in people with breathing difficulties. Perhaps it refers here to the painted bust, which is made of a curly ribbon applied in a 3D perspective. The classic face faces the busy shopping street. Above the head, WD has painted a hole, making it look like you can see the sky. Curves have been painted under the windows in the facade, so that the wall appears to have a concave. Wild Drawing may have been inspired by the Dutch artist MC Escher when he made this painting.

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About the artist

Wild Drawing, aka WD, was born in Bali, Indonesia, but works and lives in Athens, Greece. It is unknown who exactly is behind Wild Drawing's pseudonym. WD graduated in fine arts and applied arts. Since 2000, WD has been active both in his studio and on the street. Wild Drawing has participated in several street art festivals and murals can be found in Europe, Asia and America.

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Coolsestraat 178, 3014 LN Rotterdam, Netherlands