Herman van Olst (1994) Harry Sengers

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About the artwork

Residents of Noordereiland wanted to commemorate the architect Herman van Olst. He was involved as an architect in the 70 in the renovation of homes on the North Island. Van Olst was very socially motivated and committed to the residents. Before the renovation was finished, he died in 1989. Herman van Olst's plaque, which was already present at the place where the artist Harry Sengers' painting was to be placed, is included in his design. The depicted still life refers to the life of Van Olst, but also to life and death in general.

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About the artist

Harry Sengers (Rotterdam, 1948 - Rotterdam, 2015) was active in Rotterdam as an autodidactic visual artist within the art circles. Old neighborhoods in Rotterdam were demolished in the 1970s; Sengers photographed that demolition. His first exhibition was in gallery The Black Cat on the Mauritsweg in 1979. The industrial landscape was one of his themes. His work is about time and the dark and light. His work has been included in various collections, including Museum Rotterdam, Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, Museum Helmond and the Rijksdienst Beeldende Kunst in The Hague.

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Anjerstraat 37, 3071 VA Rotterdam, Netherlands


Plaque for Achilles de Khotinsky