The story is so good that it is not over yet (1994) Lucebert

Max Dereta
About the artwork

This painting by Lucebert from 1993 features a line from his poem Timetable and Gender table. The stanza with the title reads as follows:However, like the old singers, Airwick was a perverted boy, he fathered his musealinia directa evert road builder and thus opened the future to Onan and his brother and sister, because the story is so good that it's not over yet". Lucebert spoke in favor of freedom of expression, in particular that of writers. May 2014 the wall painting has been reapplied by Atelier Leo Mineur.

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About the artist

Lucebert, or Lucebertus Jacobus Swaansdijk (Amsterdam, 1924 - Alkmaar, 1994), was a poet and painter. Lucebert was a committed artist. With his criticism of traditional concealing art, he earned the nickname 'Keizer van de Vijftigers'. The Fifties was a group of poets who caused a stir in the years of the same name by dealing with the then current aesthetics. Lucebert won both literary prizes and art prizes. He is also the author of the poetry line 'Everything of value is defenseless', a work of art that has been in Rotterdam since 1979.

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Nieuwe Binnenweg 113, 3014 GH Rotterdam, Netherlands


Everything of value is defenseless