It's windy (2011) Anuli Croon

photo Paul van der Blom
About the artwork

CBK Rotterdam, in collaboration with Havensteder and Sonor, developed a plan to provide renovated ornament frames around the Zwaanshals with a work of art. In total, seven new paintings were added to 2011 and two well-known works were restored. One of those new works is this painting by Rotterdam artist Anuli Croon, placed on the corner of Witte Zwaanhof and Zwaanshals. Croon paints city people: her mechanical looking lines, the industrial surfaces and patterns and hard colors are far removed from any nature. Cartoonesk flips the hair of the characters around their blue or off-white faces. Croon's work seems to have been made with a computer rather than painted by hand. To match a city like Rotterdam, these figures have been put down dynamically and in a monumental grand way. They almost seem to burst out of the list.

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About the artist

Anuli Croon (Leeuwarden, 1964) lives and works in Rotterdam. In 1989 she graduated from the Academy for Art and Design in 's-Hertogenbosch. In January 1990 she moved to Rotterdam. Croon paints in the style of the cartoon. Her work is colorful and looks simple without being simplistic. The two-dimensional representation completely conforms to the flat surface of the canvas, wall or wall. Croon has completed various assignments in the (semi-) public space of the Netherlands, including in Pendrecht and the Oude Noorden.

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Witte Zwaanhof 58, 3035 ZJ Rotterdam, Netherlands