Hat box (1983) Kunst & Vaarwerk

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About the artwork

This is a typical example of the work of Kunst & Vaarwerk, the triumvirate consisting of Hans Citroen, Willem van Drunen and Cor Kraat, which has been of great importance for Rotterdam art history. They have given a new impulse to art in public space with pop art-like sculptures; interventions in the existing environment by transforming obvious forms into giant copies of everyday objects. This one Hat box is an example of that. Is it art or is it advertising? According to Kunst & Vaarwerk, a work can be both if it is integrated in the right way. In an interview, the makers stated: “You must paint those tanks regularly. Then why not do a little more, also as a promotion ”. In 1999 the company name changed from Pakhoed to Vopak, so the logo on the tank had to change. The blue label that comes from under the lid is an artfully crafted Kunst & Vaarwerk brand. The object is clearly visible from the highway and is a successful and unique art application in the port area.

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About the artist

Kunst & Vaarwerk was an artists' group consisting of Cor Kraat (1946), Hans Citroen (1946) and Willem van Drunen (1947) and existed from 1979 to 1992. Kunst & Vaarwerk was a Dutch pop-art variant, which returned to the harsh urbanity with humor and irony. The scale of the port city required an art of size and brutality, but it is also an art against forgetfulness. The group worked with the Rotterdam business community to finance the projects and has realized various works in public spaces.

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Montrealweg 90, 3197 KH Botlek Rotterdam, Netherlands


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