Johnny Hoes (2017) Ad Schouten

Aad Hoogendoorn
About the artwork

This tribute to Johnny Hoes is an initiative of the Rotterdam artist Ad Schouten and author Jan Oudenaarden. Smartlap emperor Johnny Hoes (1917-2011) was born in the Sumatraweg at Katendrecht. During the war he moved to Weert in Limburg. His musical career started after the war. Together with Jaap Valkhoff he edited 'Hand in hand comrades', Feyenoord's favorite song. With his record label Telstar, Hoes discovered talents such as the Singer without Name and Doe Maar. Hoes never returned to Katendrecht, but he brought his birthplace in 1999 an ode with an album on the occasion of the 800 anniversary of Katendrecht. The portrait of Johnny Hoes was still in the sketch phase when Schouten died on 19 July 2017. On the basis of this sketch, Oudenaarden and Willem Kerssemeijer from Atelier Leo Mineur completed the portrait. Jan Oudenaarden has taken the lyrics from the song 'Mijn Katendrecht' and adapted to: Only a Kapenees understand what i mean. In the summer of 2017, this work and eight other ornament frames, including restored and new artworks in Rotterdam's Katendrecht district, were delivered. They have been realized in the project Cape color, a collaboration between Verhalenhuis Belvédère and BKOR.

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About the artist

The Rotterdam artist Ad Schouten (1946 - 2017) was trained as a painter at the Academy of Visual Arts in Rotterdam. He also studied Art and Cultural Sciences at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Schouten is known for his gouaches on paper, with penetrating self-portraits, in which reference is made to art history. He also focuses on photography. A publication about his work appeared in 2007, Ad Schouten 1: 1.

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Atjehstraat 56, 3072 ZH Rotterdam, Netherlands


Ad Schouten: In memoriam 1946-2017