juggler (1991) Harry Boom

photo BKOR archive
About the artwork

Visual artist Harry Boom was commissioned to make a mural in response to the erroneous removal of a fresco by him in Tamboerstraat. That is why he was allowed to add a new work to the corner of Zwarte Paardenstraat and Witte de Withstraat in 1991. That became this colorful painting juggler in an elegant ornament frame. At the top we see an orange and blue writing with rays down. In the background, he has a photo-realistic representation of plates that are kept running on sticks. There is a grid of colored dots over it. And originally Boom also had three-dimensional cylinders attached to it. Below the list are two more disks, a blue and a yellow one.



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About the artist

Harry Boom (Rotterdam, 1945-1995) was a sculptor, ceramicist, teacher, photographer, painter and textile artist. So he worked with different disciplines, ranging from drawing and textile art to performances and installations. He was a teacher at the St. Joost academy in Breda.

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Witte de Withstraat 38, 3012 BR Rotterdam, Netherlands