School report Bob den Uyl (1989) Toni Burgering

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About the artwork

This magnified Report by Bob den Uyl is a pop-art mural on the facade of the former National Education Museum, which was located here from 1989 to 2012. The report was designed by the Rotterdam artist Toni Burgering as an ode to the Rotterdam writer Bob den Uyl. Not far from this location was the cradle of Den Uyl (1930-1992), who was a writer, poet and journalist and has won various prizes, such as the Proza Prize, the Anna Blaman Prize and the Multatuli Prize. The work is somewhat of a curiosity, which fits perfectly with the building's function as an educational museum and before that as the old municipal library of Rotterdam. Burgering carried out the painting when the Education Museum came to settle here, for which he was the designer. It is a work of art that is about school, dreams of the future, hope, and how someone can develop into a well-known writer. The Erasmus University College, the international study program of Erasmus University Rotterdam, has been located in this building since June 2014. Thus, this mural still fits within its context.

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About the artist

Toni Burgering (Barneveld, 1937 - Leiden, 2017) was educated at the Academy of Visual Arts in Rotterdam. For a long time he worked and lived in Rotterdam. Burgering worked with colored neon light. Among other things, he wrote the line of poetry by Lucebert 'Everything of value is defenseless'in 1978 on the roof of a former insurance building on the Blaak. Burgering fell under the spell of neon after a stay in the 1960s in America. He witnessed the launch of the Apollo 11 at Cape Kennedy.

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Pannekoekstraat 3011, 3011 NE Rotterdam, the Netherlands


Everything of value is defenseless

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