The Power of Love (2018) Efrat Zehavi

photo Aad Hoogendoorn
About the artwork

This mural on the corner of the 2e Middellandstraat and Hendrick Sorchstraat has been realized in the program 'Mooi, Mooier, Middelland', a project in which residents, entrepreneurs and the municipality of Rotterdam work together to improve the neighborhood. This painting was made by artist Efrat Zehavi and has the title The Power of Love. Zehavi has depicted a fool who plays with the power of love, because the figure holds seven balls in the air at the same time. She collaborated with entrepreneurs in the area for this work of art. Their silhouettes are depicted in those seven balls.

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About the artist

Efrat Zehavi (Israël, 1974) is a visual artist living and working in Rotterdam. She works with theatrical staging of human figures, modeled in clay after existing people, with which she depicts existential questions and social stories. In Prague she learned the classic animation profession from the best puppet animators.

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Hendrick Sorchstraat 2, 3021 VD Rotterdam, Netherlands


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