Urban Jungle (2018) Eelco van den Berg

photo BKOR archive
About the artwork

On the corner of Bloemkwekersstraat and Nieuwe Binnenweg, a mural was applied by illustrator Eelco van den Berg in 2018. The colorful work of Van den Berg, or I am Eelco, shows a collection of animals. A deer, owl, toucan, dog and sparrow are all together. The colors used are predominantly purple, brown and green. There is a fox in front of the wall. With his work, Van den Berg tries to bring nature back to the city. The painting is part of the campaign Rotterdam Make it Happen. The mural was removed in 2021.

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About the artist

Illustrator and graffiti artist Eelco van den Berg (Uden, 1974) lives and works alternately in Rotterdam and New York. From an early age he has been influenced by hip-hop culture and graffiti. Since 1989 he has made graffiti under the name Virus, now he works under the name I am Eelco. In order to be able to tell more in his work, he also started making figurative work. His style is distinguished by strong use of color and clear lines. He mainly draws his work by hand and an important theme is animals. To be murals can be found in Antwerp, Berlin and New York, among other places, but he also makes murals in offices and schools. In 2015 he was in the top 10 of the most talented street artists from New York.

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Flower growersstraat 92, 3014 PG Rotterdam, Netherlands