Bird class Karel Schot (2002) Jorge Kata Núñez

Christian van der Kooy
About the artwork

Sick, injured and young birds are cared for in the Vogelklas Karel Schot reception center. The center is on the Afrikaanderplein in the heart of the Afrikaanderwijk. In addition to birds in need, other animals can also be found, such as hedgehogs and bats. In total, more than 8.000 animals end up in the Bird Class each year. Only one in three after being cared for a while is strong enough to be released into nature. When the Vestia Rotterdam Feijenoord housing association asked residents of the Afrikaanderwijk to come up with initiatives for their neighborhood, two residents suggested the idea of ​​placing a work of art on the outer wall of the Vogelklas. Via CBK Rotterdam the Chilean artist Jorge Kata Núñez was commissioned to make five large murals. On October 23 they were unveiled by Joke Bruijs: five tropical landscapes with colorful birds that give this neighborhood a whole new look. The five paintings on the brick wall together form a whole. Jorge Kata Núñez designed five parts, each with its own theme: The Destination, People & Nature, The Journey, The Departure and The Bird Class. In the first part we see the Netherlands from above. The spoonbill, stork and crane are in the Netherlands. In the left corner we see human figures of various nationalities. The second part 'Man and Nature' symbolizes the threats to the birds: the industry in the upper left and lower left corner the endangered godwit. The birds have attitudes as if they are in danger. 'The Journey' symbolically shows how birds experience the world when they are in the air. The fourth part is 'The Departure' and shows the migration of various birds, such as the swallow, crane and swan. They are checked by two figures at the top right. In the last part, Kata has processed old children's drawings that were already on the wall. We see the species present in the Bird Class, such as sparrows, seagulls, swallows and a hedgehog, combined with stylized human faces. Perhaps a reference to the more than one hundred volunteers who are committed to the animals.

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About the artist

Jorge Kata Núñez (Valdivia, Chile, 1953) was a metallurgical worker. He started his artistic work in the Ramona Parra mural brigade in Valdivia. In 1974, he was arrested by the Augusto Pinochet dictatorship forces and sentenced to 20 years in prison. In 1977 he is sent to the Netherlands and sentenced to 15 years of exile. In 1979, he was a founder and participated in various mural brigades. He also went to the Free Academy of The Hague that year. In Rotterdam he participated in various graphic workshops and started to make his own work. He lived and worked in Rotterdam until October 2012, after which he returned to his birthplace in Chile. Kata has made more than 60 murals throughout the Netherlands, both in public spaces and in buildings in the Netherlands and Chile. In the beginning he mainly painted murals that appealed to the sense of solidarity of people. His paintings, linocuts, books and engravings have been exhibited in various countries.

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Afrikaanderplein 36, 3072 EC Rotterdam, Netherlands


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