Wwhhhaaahhh !!!! (2011) Charlotte Schleiffert

Paul van der Blom
About the artwork

In 2011, CBK Rotterdam, in collaboration with Havensteder and Sonor, developed a plan to provide renovated ornament frames around the Zwaanshals with a work of art. Seven new paintings have been applied and two well-known works have been restored. Charlotte Schleiffert from Rotterdam made one of the seven works. For this assignment she painted a primordial woman, half human, half predator, in a jungle suit - a type of clothing that is not very unusual in the streets of many large cities. Although Schleiffert performs this character and the clothing in a more grotesque way than reality. Her drawings and paintings are about the different sexes, Schleiffert argues, and especially about power and love in human relationships. She also plays with trends that she picks up in the media and in the city. You can see urban energy in her work: the rawness of the urban jungle. In the old North, a neighborhood with history and vitality, multiculturalism and all major city characteristics, her work is well in its place. She received a high standing ornament list as location. That fits both with the standing formats in which she works - vertically rising women - and with the large dimensions that she is used to. Her figures, with their individualistic expression, are always larger than life. The woman with snapdragon seems to have been driven out of the African continent to maintain order in Rotterdam.

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About the artist

Charlotte Schleiffert (Tilburg, 1967) lives and works in Rotterdam. She studied at the Royal Academy of Art and Design in 's Hertogenbosch and then at the Ateliers in Amsterdam. She makes large drawings, paintings and installations. Gender issues play a central role in her committed work, as do intolerance, power, violence, oppression and displacement. A constant in her work are the hybrid beings that pop up in it. They unite different cultures, times and genders. Those figures are not always happy with their lives and dreams of an alternative. They embody the desire for another world. Schleiffert won the Prix de Rome in 1999. Her work has been shown in more than forty solo exhibitions in Belgium, Germany, Italy, China, Indonesia and New Zealand, among others.

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Zaagmolenstraat 6A, 3035 HA Rotterdam, Netherlands