Untitled Ger van Iersel

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About the artwork

For a long time it was unknown who made this work, but the signature of the artist is small in the work, namely monumental artist Ger van Iersel. The facade decoration was probably made around 1960. The artist used natural elements, such as a tree, sun and bee, as decorative qualities. Resembling garlands, but given them a much more autonomous expression. That makes this a special combination between visual expression and applied ornamentation. Later, the Calvin School at Mare 67 in Vreewijk was renovated, expanded with a new building. In addition, this facade and sgraffito have been spared and built into a kind of small patio. It is still clearly visible from the school canteen through a glass wall.

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About the artist

Ger van Iersel (Rotterdam, 1922 - 2014) studied at the Rotterdam Art Academy and then went to work in Rotterdam. There he was active as a sculptor, monumental artist, glass painter, painter, draftsman, wall painter and ceramist. He has many monumental works of art to his name and worked in various techniques. Much of his work is linked to the reconstruction period, when he worked for the new port city to be established. His work often had a Christian undertone, in keeping with the various commissions he received from churches in and around Rotterdam. He was a student of Louis van Roode and received the Laurens Medal and the Luther Medal for his work.

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Mare 67, 3075 SB Rotterdam, Netherlands