Untitled (1956) Louis van Roode

Ossip from Duivenbode
About the artwork

In the hall of the Olveh flat on the Joost Banckertsplaats is a mural by Louis van Roode. In this painting, which he made in the entrance in 1956 himself, he used 'primitive' African motifs. He was inspired by this in a study trip to the Sahara in 1951. The work is mounted on a curved wall with a length of almost 12 meters. Van Roode mainly used the colors blue, red, yellow and black. We see abstract figures of a man, woman and child, as well as a flying bird. The work has been restored in 2015.

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About the artist

The Rotterdam artist Louis van Roode (Delft, 1914 - Rotterdam, 1964) worked a lot for the new architecture during the Reconstruction period. He produced many murals and mosaics that adorned modern architecture, but which also told a story about nature, culture, people and the cosmos. Major works by his hand have been preserved in Rotterdam, but also in Vlissingen, Eindhoven and The Hague. He can rightly be called one of the greatest wall artists of his time.

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Joost Banckertsplaats 64, 3012 HC Rotterdam, Netherlands


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