Untitled (2014) Ozone

photo Aad Hoogendoorn
About the artwork

In 2014 this facade of a school building has been repainted by Ozon. This work was the first to be realized for the street art route of Rewriters010. Ozon says the following about this: “The painting originates from a sculpture I made in America for a sanitary factory. The sculpture consisted of a crumpled sink. For this mural I took that image as a starting point and you can see several things in the result. I use the terms urban art, graffiti of street art not for what I do. I simply call it art. ”The wall painting is executed in twelve shades of gray, from black to white. This mural was created through financial support from CBK Rotterdam.

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About the artist

Ozon, aka Onno Poeisz (Rotterdam, 1974), is a visual artist who works from his studio in Delfshaven. His style is organic and abstract. Several of his works can be found in Rotterdam.

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Heer Bokelweg 260, 3032 AD Rotterdam, Netherlands