Untitled (2018) Sharon VanDams

photo Otto Snoek
About the artwork

In 2018, a mural was commissioned by Maison Savant at the intersection of West-Kruiskade and Anna Paulownastraat. Maison Savant's mission is to bring Outsider Art to the attention of a large audience. For this wall they chose a drawing by artist Sharon van Dams, who has been affiliated with Atelier Herenplaats since 2017. The drawing is made with colored pencil and shows a Japanese girl in a pink kimono with yellow leaves. She is sitting on an orange chair. She wears a large pink bow in her updo. In her left arm she carries an orange cuddly rabbit. Green and white leaves are drawn in the background, which continue on the wall to a number of windows around it. Painture Collective converted the drawing and applied it to the wall, as the outsider artist is often unfamiliar with the medium and size of the canvas.

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About the artist

Sharon van Dams (1998) studied at Auris College and stood out for her talent for drawing. She was given a place in the Talent class, where she was supervised for many years by visual artist Louise Hessel. Since 2017 she has a place at Atelier Herenplaats. Here she works on her detailed colored pencil drawings. She makes portraits of girls and women; men do not appear in her work.

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Anna Paulownastraat 64A, 3014 JG Rotterdam, Netherlands