Untitled (2021) Ox-Alien

photo Otto Snoek
About the artwork

On this facade located at the Hefpark, this mural was applied by Ox-Alien during the Pow Wow festival in 2021. The wall is 16 meters high and 11 wide; in total it took the artist 5 days to apply the work in its entirety. It was then the largest solo painting Ox-Alien had done up to that point. The alien figure with the blunt horns and one crossed eye can be seen in various places in Rotterdam. Often in its characteristic bright pink colour, but the local residents who manage the Hefpark themselves wanted a painting that would be more in line with the park. As a result, the painting has been worked out in various shades of green and he has added a frame of leaves to the work. At the top of the painting, De Hef is depicted with a small Donkey Kong on top.

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About the artist

Ox-Alien started writing graffiti in the late eighties, but from the year 2000 also draws characters. His name is derived from a figure that he often draws, namely a head with an 'O' as the left eye and an 'X' as the right eye. That also explains his stage name Ox-Alien. He is part of the Rotterdam street art collective Lastplak.

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Stieltjesplein 6B, 3071 JT Rotterdam, Netherlands