Untitled (2002) Joe Cillen

photo Otto Snoek
About the artwork

A work by conceptual artist Joe Cillen can be seen on the corner of Cornelis Trompstraat and Maaskade. Cillen has been working on his project since around 2000 MS Noordereiland, either Motor ship Noordereiland. This work, consisting of two photographs of waves in the surf, is placed in window frames of the 2nd and 3rd floors and is also part of Cillen's larger project to see the North Island as a motor vessel. Because since 1847, every seagoing ship has been obliged to carry a colored light on each side of the ship in poor visibility or in the dark. On the port side the navigation lights must be bright red, on the starboard side these lights must be green. Port is the designation for the left side of the ship, which is why Cillen placed the red square on the left side of the plane. And in the window below exactly the other way around; this refers to starboard, the designation for the right side of the ship. Cillen placed the green hexagon on the right side of the plane.

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About the artist

Joe Cillen (Paal, 1945) is a former skipper and conceptual artist, who expresses himself through both installations and painting. He has been working on the 'MS Noordereiland' plan since around 2000, in which he sees the Noordereiland as a large motor vessel.

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Cornelis Trompstraat 1, 3071 XT Rotterdam, Netherlands