Untitled (2015) Rul3rs

Aad Hoogendoorn
About the artwork

The facade and entrance of the building on Delftsestraat 25 was painted in 2015 by Rul3rs. The areas between the windows were white, but painted black with symbolic signs in the colors blue, green and white. This is how a nice pattern of 24 graphic elements has been created. The entrance is also included in the painting. Two years later Rul3rs also applied a mural to the rear of the building. This wall painting was initiated by Rewriters010.

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About the artist

Rul3rs (aka Stephan Bontje) is a Rotterdam artist who studied Advertising at the Willem de Kooning Academy. He investigates what both new and old visual language evokes in his audience. His style is full of symbolism. He draws his inspiration from religion, art and other cultures and tribes. Through various illustrations, paintings and installations, Rul3rs gives his commentary and vision on life events.

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Delftsestraat 25, 3013 AD Rotterdam, Netherlands