Anita (2001) David Bade

photo Otto Snoek
About the artwork

For artist David Bade this is the picture Anita his first work in public space. Normally he works with polystyrene foam and other perishable materials, but now he had to choose the more durable polyester. The right materials and their 'skin' were selected in close collaboration with the polyester company. This company also creates images for Walt Disney theme parks. At the factory they called the statue of Bade Horny Anita, so the artist decided to keep this name - in an edited version. Like his temporary structures, this image is wild, rough and disjointed. It is a rubbish bag with buckets sticking out and which is just as colorful as the skate park it was on (the floor painting of 75B was removed in 2015 due to the arrival of the new skate park Westblaak). The artwork is just as dynamic as the traffic that rushes around it. After this one Anita Bade would often work in public spaces, including for the GEM in The Hague. For more information: Sculpture International Rotterdam.

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About the artist

David Bade (Willemstad (Curaçao), 1970) lives and works in Amsterdam. He draws and makes spatial work, often assemblies, in which he processes newspapers and other found objects and unusual materials with PUR foam. His work provides a comical and critical commentary on society, or on developments in that society.

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